Angela Bennett – Fort Edward, New York New York


So, my friend’s fiancé was stressed out about his upcoming wedding and his kids and moving. Then, this female coworker, Angela Bennett, who had just married her baby daddy, started flirting with my friend’s husband, sending him nude pictures, and then when her husband was working, she drove over to my friend’s fiancé’s house and slept with him- 2 nights before his own wedding! She sent him extensive emails about what she wanted to do with him and how she wished she had met him before her husband and how upsetting it was to think of him getting married and how perfect they were together. They even joked about getting my friend to watch her kid while they f***ed. My friend found out months later, confronted her husband and Angela’s boss and the cat was let out of the bag. Angela has been trying to keep this a big secret…

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