Angela Carter Dobard – Charlotte, North Carolina North Carolina


Angela Danielle Carter Dobard is a lying, homewrecking, cheating WH#RE… she knowingly was sleeping with my man of 15 years. She wanted my cushy life style. She wanted my man, my business, LOL SHE CAN HAVE THE MAN!!! We are all coworkers at a nationwide Verizon retailer… she lied and said my man put his hands on her in a violent way to try and get him fired… the affair has been over for a year and half mind you…. she was tryuing to get the affair started up again and he didn’t want any part of it, her words not his, when getting him fired didn’t work she tried to go the police with the same lies and it was thrown out of court… it was all on video at work and he dis nothing to her LO LOLOLOLOL lying, dumb ass ho!!!!

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