Angela Joyce Rei – Rye, New York New York


Angela Joyce Rei tried to be my friend and help me design our family home in the country. Then she would get my husband to meet her at our new house up there alone and she would come on to him. After a while he fell for her slutness and passes then ended up meeting her in other houses she was trying to sell him. I found out she has travelled the country doing this same thing. Several states including Nevada where whores are a dime a dozen. I finally got my husband to admit what was going on after someone he knows told me the stories. She is a no good home wrecker. Very friendly and innocent type. Doesn’t seem like a hoe at first but preys on married men. I heard her boyfriend was her boss and she took him from his fiancÚ. She even was engaged to her sisters ex husband until he caught her cheating and threw her out on her ass. She chases money. He was a lawyer. My husband owns his own business and so does the other guy she stole from his fiancÚ. Beware. She will try to steal your husband and you will never know by the way she will pretend to be your friend. I would have confronted her If my husband didn’t explain everything and how he cut her off before I found out. Someone else said to me this was true also. I would not just believe what he said after I caught him. I didn’t spell her entire name because she will one day have kids of her own with someone else’s husband so they will have her name. As a caring parent and wife I would not want them to be bullied in school.

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