Angela LoCascio Commerce, Michigan Michigan


When I found out about this little whore, Angela, I was 8 months pregnant with my (now ex) fiance’s son. I was the sole supporter of our family because he refused to work. My doctors urged me to cut back my hours for the baby’s safety, but since he wouldn’t help financially, I had to work long hours everyday. He would demand fancy new clothes, video games, and spending cash. I did my very best so that we could live comfortably. || He started going out with friends a lot and getting drunk, sometimes not coming home. If I questioned him, he would blow up at me. All of his friends knew I was pregnant. My ex met Angela at one of those parties. She was told about me, told I was pregnant, and even when she confronted me about their affair told me she knew all about me from day one. || When she confronted me, I was devastated. I sank into a horrible depression, lost 15 lbs in two weeks, and my doctors were extremely worried. She told me details about their”time” together, about how she wasn’t all fat and pregnant like I was, that he didn’t love me or the baby, and how it was fate that they were supposed to be together and maybe I should do everyone the favor and consider suicide. Keep in mind- I was freaking pregnant!! Anyhow, he claimed to have”broke it off” but shortly after I gave birth, I found out it was still going on. || I broke up with him and less than a month later, they were living together, in her parents’ house (her mommy and daddy buy her everything and support them both and the child they have together. When I confronted her parents, they called me a liar). || Since our break up, he has had nothing to do with our son, and has even denied him- even though he’s his clone and I’ve never cheated on him. The really funny part is that he claims to have started the affair because she was”hotter” than me- well, now she’s a whale and I’m fit and tiny. This photo was taken back before she had their child, while I was pregnant at work. The kicker- this photo was taken IN MY HOME!!

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