Angela Maestas – Northglenn, Colorado Colorado


This nasty how has slept with every guy she knows, has snuck random guys that she met on Craigslist into her Mother’s backyard to bone them, has met guys online and f**ckes them in payment for work on her car, her mother’s house and much more. She has broken up her own cousin’s marriage so that she could try to f*ck her cousin in law. She has herpes and has had many other std’s but doesn’t bother telling any of the guys that she sleeps with. She brags about sleeping with her cousins ex’s and how when she goes to a party, she has slept with every guy there. She is two faced and coniving and ai.s to start drama in anyone’s life that she is jealous of. She sleeps with married men without conscience and has no problem sleeping with her family’s men. Beware of this nasty ass hoe. She acts sweet and kind just to get close enough to fuck your man.

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