Angela Marie Busco – Manhattan, New York New York


This whore decided, the day she started working with my coworkers man, that she was gonna chace him untill she got what she wanted. This cunt is married and claims to be happily married for several years yet shes still chasing after an engaged man. She texts him every day and night and he always deletes their texts pretending like hes doing nothing wrong. She asks him for dick pics and talks sexual with him and she always plays the victim when my coworker texts her telling her to stop. Saying things like hes throwing himself on her. This bitch is a liar and a deceitful cunt that manipulates everyone into thinking shes the victim. This whore is trying to involve my coworkers son into her sad pathetic life because she doesnt have any kids of her own. But its not their fault she cant reproduce. This cunt works at turning stone casino in verona new york. If you see her show her some love because obviously she needs it since shes chasing after a man who already has a family!

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