Angela Mowery – Palmerton, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


While my husband is to blame as well. Angie is a desperate low life skank.. we where having some hard times and she swooped right in. They did end up sleeping together,but Angie my dear that was it he banged you and ran right home to me. We got through out difficult times, but yet this skank keeps offering sex telling him she loves and missed him and can treat him.better then me. Here is the 411 Angie you will never win he has told me even his parents he picked you because you where unattractive,desperate,lonely and couldn’t find a man so he knew you where easy pickings. He admitted he said he loved you but it was to shut you up and keep you as a sex only back up plan in case I left. You will never replace me. You will.always be the back up plan even you got together with him. You keep trying I will give you credit for that you skank whore. So since you think you are better then me. Tell me about him how he likes his lunch and bed made etc. Oh you can’t that’s because you don’t know anything. 6 years of love you have no chance your couple months don’t cut it. Here is my advice to you. Grow up and quit trying to start a relationship with men who are in a committed relationships. Surely there are single, desperate, lonely, who would lover someone as homely looking as you. Get a life. Oh and remember if I should leave you will always be the back.up girl the replacement nothing more.

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