Angela Towers (Cutinella) – Baldwin, New York New York


This women is a cocky one. Angela Towers (Cutinella) thinks by telling the wife of the man she cheated with that she takes care of him better than her and thinks it’s okay for her to continue this cheating relationship while she was married herself, and knows that he is! Tells her I’m gonna take better care of your kids and husband than you?? Who do you think you are, wait I know… a cheating HomeWrecker… girlfriend I’m gonna expose you for the tramp you really are, I want everyone who knows you to know what a P.O.S. you truly are and how your girlfriends family should watch there husband’s around you, and anyone that see’s You On the streets of Baldwin, and Upstate NY (currently Living) knows your face and who you are?!?!? How do you sleep at night knowing you’ve destroyed children, and their family. Ripped and tore through their life like a hurricane? Well now I hope you understand pain the way she does.. Have A Nice Day!

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