Angelena Ervin – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina South Carolina


Will go by Angelena, Michelle, or Ally uses the last name Ervin, Davis, Johnson, or Ayers. In all sense of the word a bum actually begs people on the street for money. I made the mistake of feeling bad for her brought her in to my home never asked fee for rent and fed her. She is conniving and two faced. Lies constantly. Also a drug addict.  She came in to my home and stole my boyfriend of 6 years (he use to call me his wife). She likes being homeless and living in the woods.  She stole money and items from my “husbands” family. She has 5 kids that got taken from her. She ususes people. Will literally do anything for $20 behind a dumpster. She will act like your friend or that she cares. She is a strain on any one that walks into her life. All she wants is a bed, alcohol, your husband, and to freeload off you. She’d rather beg on the street or do your husband than acctually be productive and work.

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