Angelina Love Larson AKA: Angel – Rogers, Arkansas Arkansas


This 24 year old born February 14 claims to be the lover of all men, especially 3 some all night Orgies! She will even show up to guy trips to take it all at once! She has completely manipulated my sons Dad that he moved to another city 4 hours away to be with her! My sons Dad has up rooted himself left his job and a home hes paying for to live with her! He no longer has much time at all for my 12 year old son. She uses sex and manipulative strategies to control men. I call her Whore because anyone willing to take it by multiple guys at once should be charging! She adds X to intinsfy the fun of the anytime sex orgies. My Sons Dad has completely abandoned his Son and has become a bank deposit at his convenience and he will cut his time with his kid to watch her give a blow job to other guys! Hes also to blame 100% for allowing this whore to change his priorities!! Its Pathetic that she a complete disregard for a child and says plenty about her Trailer Park Ways! She has pushed my son out of the situation so she can be the main event! I think her intentions are to remove my son out of the picture so she can have her own kids with my sons Dad!! Hell have no fury for a scorned Mother!! My Son only has me to rely and depend on his Dad is a real POS!!!!

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