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Angelo Carile & Son Angelo N Carile Angelo Carile & Son Concrete Contractor Never Started Work Many Excuses Promised Refund Of Deposit But Kept It Likely Fraud North Royalton Ohio!!. I thought to myself “this guy really has some bad luck”. I now believe that he’s a pathological liar, a pathetic one and a likely fraud to boot. Angelo Carile missed our first appointment because on the way to estimate my job, he said he was in a high speed rear end collision on the highway and was at the police station making a report. He said his knee would need a replacement. I hired him on July 1, 2019 to replace my garage floor, driveway and sidewalks and put in some drainage. I gave him a $2000 deposit. I bought his lie that it would be more expensive to raise the garage up to get at the concrete floor than have him demo the old one and have a company put up a new metal garage. Since then, I later found many contractors that will jack up the garage for only around $1500. Although no start date was put in the contract, he said he was going to begin in one week. He told me that I could get the permits and just tell the city that I was doing the work myself with the help of a good friend. I tried and found out from the city that only registered contractors can apply for permits because I don’t reside at the property. Excuses were then given all summer long why no work was being done ranging from bad weather to being out of town. I was becoming suspicious that he may never do the job. I hate to say it, but he even used the excuse that his father was gravely ill and in hospital. He even gave me specifics on what hospitals. Those hospitals had no patient with that name. He continued with stories that his father died. No records or obituaries could be found. I thought to myself “I can’t prove for sure that he’s full of s#1t but he’s got so many spectacular excuses”. Luigi, I hope youu2019re just fine. After negotiating a second contract to raise and repair the garage I paid another deposit of $850. He agreed to register with the city and pull the permits, but dragged that out until he said u201cit was too expensive to get bonded just for one job so close to the end of the seasonu201d. He offered to begin the job in the spring and then he could recoup the bond expense with other jobs in that city. I said that would be fine but emphasized that he needed to refund the deposits and write out a new contract, to which Angelo Carile happily agreed. Then there was the “self-proclaimed mini tornado” that swept through his neighborhood that supposedly devastated the roof of his house. According to Angelo Carile, the structural components and insulation were affected not just the shingles. He went on to say that the insurance company was too slow so he was doing the job himself. He said that the roof was covered with tarps and he had a dumpster on site to be filled with all of the debris. Finally, I could positively determine if this guy Angelo Carile is making up lies to stall for time. I promptly drove to his house and found it was nothing like he said. No dumpsters or tarps were to be seen. Actually the roof looked perfectly fine, back front and sides. Actually it had the same moss stains as pictured on the Google Maps satellite image. Iu2019m sure that heu2019ll come up with a new excuse now to cover this lie. Many calls were made to see when the deposits were going to be paid back. More excused were given including a trip to Florida and then to New Orleans. Then, he basically stopped answering calls. Finally it was down to one day and only one more excuse. Snow plowing apparently was more important. Then, finally, he was to arrive with my refund only to text me that we somehow magically agreed that no refund was going to be given back and I’m the first job come springtime. Never was it agreed upon that no refund was to be given back. Needless to say I can prove that one to be a lie as well. With that said, how can anyone be expected to trust this individual again. Angelo Carile, I canu2019t take another round of fantastic excuses. Can you please just give me my deposit back so I can stop seeking the many venues to air my complaints like the Office of the Ohio Attorneys General and The Big One. I hope that you are not intending to just steal my deposit like a common criminal. No one wants to hire a likely fraud named Angelo Carile or a company called Angelo Carile & Son (Truth: he does have a son named Anthony A. Carile Pleasant Valley Rd Middleburg Heights, OH. 44130).

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