Anggie Linder & Sam Hammond Review


We were looking to rehome our baby boy which was very difficult for us and we thought that we had found a loving family. Spoke to him all day was given false information and false names. We asked of course information about the family and of course are raised to not judge a book by it’s cover. We were given a false last name of Sam Smith and the next morning found out that they in fact lied about who they were and had been reported for animal abuse. We quickly connected with 2 police departments who advised us to set up a meeting requestiing our dog back. They wouldn’t release until given $50 we were terrified but he is now home where he will stay and police departments have been notified so that if we are contacted or visited by them they will immediately be arrested


Name: Anggie Linder & Sam Hammond

Country: United States

State: Arkansas

City: Cabot

Address: 514 Eagle Street

Phone: (501) 286-5986


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