Angie Lee Gue (Thomas) – Baltimore, Maryland Maryland


Well I finally dug deep enough to find the cretin that ruined my marriage of 12 years. Come to find out my husband was going to a hole in the wall strip club a few years back, either Sherrie’s Show bar or Christina’s. Somehow he picked up this street walker from there and buying her services while charging MY credit card at gas stations near the shitty hotels on route 40. So you obviously know where I’m going with this.. I’m deciding to remain anonymous/name change due to the fact that he not only stuck his member in this “thing” but brought home an illness to pass along to me. I found out around Sept 15th when I had an emergency visit with my gyn, that I will no longer live a normal life thanks to her and my now separated “husband”. Thanks to the help of some “mongers” on USAsexguide and Back Page, I finally got a name to match the face. Sadly, she has 3 children shown on her facebook page and I am praying for them since their mother would rather waste her time walking the streets and snorting dope with other people’s husbands.

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