Angie – Sandston/Chesterfield, Virginia Virginia


Where should we start with this hood rat homewrecker??? First found out she was texting / sexting my boyfriend when I was pregnant with our son.  We have been together a total of 4 years. He was looking to buy a dog. He went to different vets looking to see if they had any puppies and she gave him her number!? WTF why would you go out of your way to do that? Well then he found one on Craigslist and started taking the dog to a vet just up the road from our house in sandston. Every time I found more messages in his phone from her he would say it’s a friend I’ve never touched her she gives me free shots for the dog. Always on his phone smiling texting her in the same room with me… he worked on bridges so always on the road working “late” or “out of town” when I was 7 months pregnant I was asked to leave and move back with my mom because all we did was argue. He even FAKE CRIED! Of course he stopped talking to me and started having her over more and being with her our son who was two months old. I moved in with him to find a text message on his phone saying thanks for letting me come over last night. I asked why he went there he said to tell her he was done like WTF!! But yet she texted him the next day calling him baby A YEAR THEY WERE SCREWING AROUND!! Then we got married and separated 2 DAYS AFTER WE SEPARATED HE WAS BACK WITH HER. Then when I tell her boss about her nasty doing I find out I’m not the only wife that has called up there and also she calls me saying that I was never good enough for him that’s why he was over at her house staying there, sleeping with her and that if I ever contact her anymore she’s calling the police for harassment, but yet kept telling me she would come after me? The way she talks is SO TRASHY SHE LOOKS TRASH. She can’t keep her *****  in her pants. She loves sleeping with people husbands/boyfriends. Watch out the next time your spouse takes their animal to the vet in Sandston alone she will end up being someone else’s homewrecker.  Also she’s on POF and she’s always DTF.  She knew about me and still went on to sleep with my boyfriend/husband.

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