Anglea Rubio – Stafford, Texas Texas


My husband of 15 years was caught cheating with his best friends girl. She knew when she started talking to him that he was married with three kids. Cause she met me and the kids. She smiled tried to talk to me like nothing was going on. And the whole time she was sleeping with him. He let the house that me and his three kids go into foreclosure so he could go move in with his new girl. She had him not answer phone calls or text messages from me or the kids. She kept him from his youngest son surgery and then keep him from them on holidays. She keeps telling to get she will leave him if he didn’t get a divorce. || They want me to go into a lawyer and lie about everything and not say what went wrong in the marriage and not to bring her into the divorce. He would rather take care of her two kids then worry about his three. She has him so blindfolded and on a leash. Its so funny!! Can’t wait for Karma to catch up with her. Trump might be the karma bus if he becomes president cause she is illegal. That is another reason she pushed for him. Cause he had his own business and he had money. Now he is broke and is losing his company!!!

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