Anibal Automotive Design Review


This originally started with Mike with Slingshot Mods, he accepted my payment for $5000.00 for a full body kit, painted and delivered for a Polaris Slingshot. I submitted a complaint with Paypal on not receiving goods, Mike immediately called me and talked me out of filing the complaint saying he would have the kit for me. Well he just keep moving the date until time had expired on filing the complaint (my Bad). He then merged with Mike (Anibal Automotive) and I spoke with him on the phone and he assured me I would get my kit. After several months both Mike’s stopped answering the phone. I finally reached out to Noel with Cycle Springs in Florida, Susan has been the liaison between me and Mike for several months now. I thought things may be moving forward but looks like it’s stalled again. I even said I would pay for shipping and paint if he would just send the kit, no response yet. I’m not done with this, I will get my kit or my money back or satisfaction out of this.

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