Anita Chavez – Wheat Ridge, Colorado Colorado


Anita Chavez also known as Nita was talking to Angel Mejia for over 7 months. She is married with 2 kids and he is living with someone. She finally got to meet him 2 months ago in person and had an affair. She recently saw him again. Alot of people are noticing that she is a Facebook homewrecker! She has talked to so many guys before this one. She sleeps in the same bed with her husband and is cheating on him! Her two sons and her husband are clueless! She is a horrible mother! She works in the medical field in Colorado Wheat Ridge. Please share her Facebook page Anita Chavez! Her husband needs to find out what she is doing! She runs a selfie group on Facebook called WorldWide Selfies and her lover is in it too! That is how she hides what she is doing! The other 2 admins are also cheating on their spouse! Jessica Ruiz is married and shes cheating on her husband having affairs with the other admin Andy Gonzalez! She is now preg by him but lives with her husband and son! Help expose these homewreckers!

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