Ann Taylor Cambridge Massachusetts Review


Ann Taylor Jeans stay away from this company!!! After their dark denim jeans damaged my expensive leather purse among other things, I threw away the jeans and the bags (what a mistake!)…. Then, I came across the following post from other users……, I decided my letter to their CEO got bounced back to their hired dog Insurance company. Their response? “well

prove the damage””…. (ha ha)…. will not compensate you for anything….This company (which I think used to be good) now makes cheap cheap quality products and sells them for the same price……. I will stay away from this store now on…..This was my letter to Ann Taylor:=====================Ms. Katherine Lawther KrillAnnTaylor Stores Corp.7 Times SquareNew York

NY 10036Re: Bad quality – blue color running from Ann Taylor jeans ruined my expensive purse among other things!Dear Ms. Krill

Last Christmas

I bought a couple of pair of dark navy jeans ($30 each on sale) from Ann Taylor store in Manhattan beach mall in CA. I ALWAYS washed them inside out per instruction.After using the jeans for sometime

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