Anna Phalen – Crookston, Minnesota Minnesota


This woman, Anna Phalen, knew my significant other was in a relationship, and had children. She met him, and they started hanging out, she told him she wanted to help him and support him, and encouraged him to leave his family. We live in a small town, and has a known reputation for doing this. Seeks committed men- uses them then discards them. I had enough of their”friendship” and asked him to leave, he moved out of my house and right into hers. She sent me NUMEROUS texts about how she won, he doesn’t care about my kids, she vandalized my vehicle by writing”I won b*t*h” on the side of it. He came home to work things out, numerous times, and every time he did, she fabricated messages from me to her phone and sent them to him. In the recent weeks, she went as low as texting me saying”your lesbo, porn addicted daughter can’t even attend public school”, mind you- my daughter is 13. She was also here at a local bar thus past weekend, talking about how crazy my daughter is… this is a grown woman! || Again, he came to my house that same night- She has sent me messages saying how she never wanted him, he is to much of a boy, and to messy for her- she knew it was going to be a roller coaster to get him to leave me, but was going to make sure to be the face he saw when he did, she knew he would bounce back and fourth a few times, but was willing to wait while he worked through that. This girl knowingly tore him away from our family, and is bragging about it, and demenering not only myself, but my young children as well. According to him, her parents hold her to a pretty high standard, I would love for then to find all of this out!! As well as her little”side business” he told me she does to make extra cash-!

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