Annette Morales – Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaii


In July 2017 this women Annette Morales took home my uber driver husband and slept with him for 2 days after first meeting him. She managed to turn him against me and his 2 children within a week. He left me for her after just a week of knowing her. I asked her women to women to please let my husband and I work on our relationship. Sure we had problems she was there at a low point so he strayed. She didn’t reply. I never called her names I basically begged her to think about our children. She didn’t want any of that. There relationship lasted a whole 3 weeks in total because she went crazy on him. He came home we reconciled and began rebuilding our relationship. My husband tried to contact her a couple weeks after to apologize for leading her on which I nipped in the butt. She messaged me on FB saying “your husband keeps calling me obviously he’s unhappy, tell him to stop.” I messaged her he just wanted his wedding ring back he won’t be bothering you anymore. Fast forward 3 months. Come to find out this women emailed him in AUGUST and SEPTEMBER. But he didn’t see it until OCTOBER we just so happen to have a bad week fighting a bunch so he emailed her, and she’s still thirsty. He tried to go see her but it didn’t work out. I realize it takes two but my husband suffers from ADHD so he has impulsiveness that he cannot control related to ADHD. She’s a distraction in his bigger issues in life… I feel like she will never leave him alone but I will fight tooth and nail to save our family. This girl needs to find her own men… STOP MESSING WITH MY FAMILY!

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