Annie Southard – Eden, North Carolina North Carolina


My friend just gave birth to a newborn unfortunately by a untalented, self proclaimed tattoo artist named Donovan Haddock. Enter this donkey face homewrecker. Annie has been forwarded texts AND voicemail messages with Donovan himself saying they are NOT in a relationship together, but this psycho bitch insists they are in a relationship, and are “in love”, and so does her equally insane and delusional family members, and of course cue the bullshit about “hes such a good guy!”. He is using annie to hide out from his probation officers, since he is facing 90 days of jail time for back-dated probation fines, and she lives 2 hours away from his county of residence. Perfect place for him to hide, and pretend they’re in a relationship. This 20 year old that looks 40 won’t “leave” him, or accept the fact of her own “boyfriend” saying she is worthless, nothing, ugly, and they aren’t together. I hope once she gets left in 2 months that she looks at her long face in the mirror, and realize that bottle of antibiotics are her karma for intervening in the middle of a new family.

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