Anonymous Shopper


I replied to a Craigslist ad that was looking to hire an Anonymous Shopper. The job description explained that a company called Midwest Insight was looking for individuals between the ages of 30 and 65 to go to various bars, restaurants, convenience stores, etc., purchase a beer (or, if at a store, various tobacco or alcohol products), and then report if the waiter or store clerk had carded you first. The position offered $45/hour. After I applied via the Craigslist email (with my resume), I was contacted by a man named Matthew B******. He sent me the following:Hi There!This is the evaluation supervisor from the online anonymous "Mock Purchase" shopper job you applied for on craigslist. You’ve been randomly selected and your application has been approved as one of our anonymous shoppers in your city, and your REF CODE#: ********. You’ll be getting your first assignment package via US regular mail priority envelope, on or before Wednesday 16th depending on the weather. So, please be on a lookout for it. Also, I want you to re-confirm your details again to avoid wrong delivery of the said package, such as;- Full Name- Full Mailing Address- City, State, Zip Code- Phone/Cell number- Contact email address- Best time to call youMake every endeavor to reply this message for confirmation, stating that you are ready to carry out your 1st assignment so that you can be in the database & receive your 1st assignment package.Sincerely,Matthew BurgessEvaluation Project ManagerMidwest Insight Inc®After I replied with the requested information, I received an envelope via USPS. The envelope included a check made out to me from Advia Credit Union (Parchment, Michigan 49004) for $3,628.00. The letter (also from Matthew Burgess) instructed me to deposit the check first. Then, I was instructed to purchase $3,100 in Amazon gift cards ($500 denomination) with cash from a list of stores. Then, I was to "carefully scratch ‘silver scratch-off’ area of the cards and capture the image ‘front & back’," and email the images to Matthew.

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