Anrdre Fine Jewelers Tustin California


Complaint: I purchased a wedding ring that was worth per them $7000.00 dollars and to my amazement on the recipe it states and was told No cash refunds but even exchanges with in 30 days with pleasure accompanied by recipt. Notified Andre the owner that wanted to exchange and wife said that this $7000.00 dollar ring was worth pennies and will not exchange as recipt states. All I wanted and want is exchange even Same gold and diamond weight and quality no money just exchange. They have made what should be the happiest day in our lives into a nightmare !!!!! Buyers beware do not be dumb like me use cridit card even if they insist on cash. Rip Off do not do be scammed like me say away from this retailer Andre Fine Jewelers or use credit card so you have recourse .

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Address: 12932 Newport Ave Suite #3 Tustin, California United States of America


Phone: (714) 841-5253

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