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I signed up for as first account title name/alias, wiseacre, then that title changed to Wiseacre, and the account was intended to be closed with the title DougThompson/Wiseacre. | WITHIN ANSWERBAG.COM I wrote the entire movie “Lucy”, the entire movie/play “Into The Woods”, Sondheim DID NOT, and the entire movie “A Walk Among The Tombstones”, all within, a PUBLIC SITE thus publishing what I wrote, NO MATTER HOW they immediately took what I wrote and copyrighted it, where I made it public first, meaning I DO have rights to claim copyright, if not more. | This as well as several poems I wrote for songs for Eve 6 & Everclear that they immediately put to music and copyrighted. It was my direction and describing and some words used that I created the song “Shake It Off”, etc… | Do courts really stand for fomenting a form of complete lying/plagiarism and theft from lying like that? If so, then JUST HOW can’t writers in prison not profit from their own works, crime involved or not? | Thank you for your time. Please contact me at your convenience.


Name: Answerbag

Country: United States

State: California

City: Santa Monica

Address: 1655 26th St.

Phone: 310-394-6400


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