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Date: Dec 31 2019 11:00:31 AM | From: REDFIELD AR (15012005964) | To : Ron Bartels (15012054560) | Called back and they said “press 1” (I wanted to tell them they violated my listing on the ‘do not call list.’ They have some sort of scheme that they will give you “a $100 gift certificate for $1.95 just have your credit card handy.” The lady spoke with a foreign accent, Caribbean type accent, I think. | I called back again and this time I got a guy with an accent that sounded Indian. He said their name was American Reward Center and that they “work for VISA doing promotions.” This guy quoted $2.95 to get a VISA gift card which they would mail me and he immediately gave me a tracking number of RW1818005551212. | I asked him what his Company Name is and he said, “American Reward Center.” | I asked what their toll-free number was and he said 800-555-1212 and I told him that was a phony number. He said I got that because I didn’t put the 1 in front of the 800 number. | I told him he was lying because that is the directory assistance number for toll-free calls. He began arguing with me so I asked him where he have called me from. He said San Diego, California. So, I asked him if his company had an office in Redfield, Arkansas. He said no just San Diego, California, right across the road from VISA. I told him that was not true because they called me from 501-200-5964. I said, I am calling you back on that number. He hung up.


Name: Answers Phone With

Country: United States

State: Arkansas

City: Redfield


Phone: 501 200 5964


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