Anthony Bruni


kennedy township police i am a citizen of usa and kennedy township my family is being targeted and noone will help i have been protecting my family as much as i could the chief of kennedy township police is related to the people who are harassing my family. i tried to talk to them when i was not aware of them being related to the people harassing my family i just couldnt understand why they didnt do a police report or even offer to talk to the people who are harassing my family so i did a little looking into it and asking people who lived at the apartment complex near me. i was told by a person that the chief of kennedy township is related to the group of people who are harassing my family i mean i was even bumped in the leg by one of the group of people who are harassing me by her car. she pulled out and left didnt say are you ok or anything i have never did anything wrong to anyone i only do nice things for people it just turns out that my family dont work we are disabled physically. everyone near to us works i even looked out my window because my apartment was so hot and the group of people came near my window and shot a bebe gun. scared my cat and just missed my face it only gets worse im terrified and i go to sleep in fear and wake up in fear of what they had planned for my family that day. Ripoff Scams please dont let them get away with this i love my child i dont want this group of people to harm them or harm me i dont call the kennedy township police because i know that calling them is the same as digging our grave deeper

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