Anthony Ferrentino Red Bank New Jersey


Complaint: We are very familiar with Anthony Ferrentino and the fact that he is a scam and con artist. According to friends and my family, Anthony Ferrentino recently began to show up at my daughter-in-laws’ Roman Catholic church in Nutley, NJ within the past year. He always attended Mass alone and seemed to be cozying up to the older ladies who were attending services alone. He touted himself as a former Wall Street employee with an MBA (both were found to be lies). My daughter-in-law recently told me that Anthony Ferrentino recently befriended a single woman at the church and immediately began asking her about her finances. It became well-known throughout the parish that everything Mr. Ferrentino was saying to this woman was an outright lie. He was telling people that he was starting his own company, traveling, etc…. Another parishoner soon became very concerned by Anthony Ferrentinos’ actions and lies and did a search on him, which turned up information found on this website, as well as other sites, that he is a scam artist and a con artist. It was immediately bought to the attention of the staff of the church, as well as the woman he was currently bothering. Mr. Ferrentino then began stalking the woman, as well as harrassing another parishioner. My daughter-in-law and her husband said that Mr. Ferrentino is a pathological, chronic liar and everything he tells people is an attempt to gain their trust so that he can steal from them, as he has stolen from companies in the past, and this is apparently his “job””. Two of his mugshots are listed on this site. I am asking everyone to please be well aware of Anthony Ferrentinos’ motives and his background. The Nutley police are aware of what he is doing. If you are a woman

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Address: please do not spend any time alone with this man

Website: I will not tell it here. But please know that this is a sick man

Phone: as his motives are awful. Anthony Ferrentino also did something else to the parishioner which I heard about

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