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Anthony Lagiglio is a thief and pathetic liar. I both over $5000 worth of Blackhawks tickets that I never received. All this started last August and I was promised delivery in September and then the lies and excuses started . The worse was right before I was supposed to get he Ickes he called me with a deal to pay the balance and he would give me a discount. God thing I refused as I would have lost that as well. He is a great talker and always tells you what you want to hear. 2 months ago he agreed to send me 1500 cashiers check but he wrote a stipulation on the check that once cashed it was payment in full. Ihe claims he did not know is was on he check sent it back and never saw another check.nI have pursued legal action for the past 8 months and also reported him to the attorney generals office, only for the AT office to tell me they were not oing to pursue this after they received a letter from Lagiglio saying he promised to pay and tried to pay me and hat he even considered suicide and the AT office fell for this BS. It is said how our legal systems allows thieves like his to continue to rip good people off like he has done so many times and they let him get way with his sob stories.This guy needs to be put away to learn a lesson. I will not give up until this guy is put away. I have already been cheated and ripped off and it’s not about he money any more. He needs to be taugt a lesson. I want to see how he feels when he has to see his daughter through bars or a glass window becuase he uses her as his excuse and his reason for living. What a great example for a wonderful father he claims he is

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