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Complaint: I am an Injury/Disability Advocate, and I have taken interest in a friend of mine’s injury cases. His attorney Anthony Saline for Workers Compensation has ruined my friend’s cases. My friend had two on the job injuries working for a town municipality in Westchester County, NY. He suffered a head injury that includes TBI/PCS, and also a back injury due to another on the job injury. Both on the job injuries are due to unsafe CDL drivers, and my friend was a DPW/ Laborer on the side of a Sanitation truck. One of the unsafe drivers seven years later crushed to death another DPW worker against a telephone pole. His lawyer has done alot of wrong to these cases from misrepresentation to collusion, etc. I have damaging documentation available for any workers compensation lawyer who interested in taking over these cases. The documentation includes an Independent Medical Examiner being told to find no permanency from the insurance carrier adjuster with the head injury case, and his lawyer never called for a hearing in front of a judge to confront this fraud. How can an Independent Medical Examiner be credible after being told what to say and write and do. No doctor can be told what to do, I have that documentation. My friend found this document on his workers compensation ecase file and he told his lawyer, his lawyer did nothing about it at all; he should have called a hearing on this in front of a judge. Another instance of insurance carrier fraud upon the claimant is that there was fraudulent filing of a compensation document by the insurance carrier’s insurance adjuster, how was it possible for a New York State workers compensation form C-669 to have been signed and dated by the insurance adjuster on 11/15/2006, when the very version of the form shows a revision date 0f (1-11) and therefore this form did not exist when the date was type on same. This form is used to show lost time compensable, and my friend had lost time compensable, and his lawyer said he had no lost time compensable, therefore the lawyer went along with the insurance carrier’s adjuster. My friend has proof that he had lost time compensable, and his lawyer suppressed this also. These are some of the dirty tricks and tactics used by insurance carriers, my friend also had his psychiatric medication Cymbalta discontinued by the insurance carrier, and his psychiatrist wrote a letter on his behalf that abrupt discontinuation of this medication would have resulted in seizures, high blood pressure, regression of depression and anxiety as part of withdrawal symptoms, he could have become a threat to himself and to others. This letter was also given to his attorney and the attorney did nothing about this at all. There has been so much damage done by his own lawyer, the insurance carrier, the insurance adjuster and their lawyers and the town attorney for which he worked for. There is so much evidence of wrong doing on these two workers compensation injury cases. My friend is in dire need of a new workers compensation lawyer, his conditions are worsening and because of what his lawyer has done, he is financially ruined as well. His lawyer had full knowledge of all of this and never did anything about as he said he would, he never set up any hearing to confront these matters. In times of injuries and disabilities, we have enough misery dealing with it, but to add to more duress to these situations is horrible. My friend will need a new workers compensation lawyer, a lawyer for lawsuits to include insurance carrier fraud and bad faith and possible criminal charges as well. Also a lawyer for IME Doctor Fraud lawsuit. All the documented evidence is on government forms and insurance carrier forms and will be made available after contacting my friend on this website. We are never to kick anyone down in life, we help them up, and we are supposed to help each other and not hurt each other, so please help my friend out.

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