Anthony Sanchez – San Francisco, California California


According to many customers of, Anthony Sanchez is not mentally stable and if you ask for a refund from him because you are dissatisfied, he will post your personal information and photos to some of the fake dating and escort websites that he owns like, and many others. He is known to slander, post libel and behave abusively toward women since his sex change surgery in 2006. I feel sorry for his wife and kids because it has been said that he is horribly abusive and has threatened to kill people. He gets very angry and abusive toward women who turn down his advances and will call them sluts, whores, fakes, trannies, lesbians, and anything else that he feels will make them feel terrible about themselves. While he was a guest on paranormalzone tv’s YouTube show with Norene Balovich and Dave Spinks, he answered the door to pizza delivery guy and threatened him with a samurai sword while he was drinking heavily and doing drugs. Beware of this transsexual abusive guy. He owns many websites and has access to customers personal and credit card information. He has stalked and harassed several women and this can be witnessed across social media and in his ghosthunterapps group. Do not give this man your personal information. He claims to own security websites but he uses these to hack computers and computer cameras to gain access to people’s private lives. Be careful. You don’t want to make him angry. He will threaten you and maybe try to kill you. Use caution when approaching him. He is very dangerous. if you don’t believe what we are saying, google his IP address for his apps and see what else comes up. Lots of other websites related to sex, escort services, dating and Paranormal. He is known to believe that he sees things that aren’t there like UFO’s.

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