Anytime Companies Palm Beach Gardens Florida Review


A few weeks ago I contacted my gas company, Florida Puclic Utilities about installing a Tankless hot water heater. They have a special program and sent their contractor, Anytime Companies, Inc. to come to my home and assess the job and give me a price for anything that is over and above the normal cost of installation of the tankless hot water heater. I settled on a 9.8 GPM indoor unit which was $372.00 more to FPU for the larger unit and I was quoted the total extra cost of installation as $200.00 for venting to the outside payable to Anytime Companies. Many times I asked Anytime Companies if the 3/4 inch gas line installation to the unit was included and I was reassured by everyone including the girl that called me with the quote, Ashley that everyting was included and there is no extra cost for the gas line. Anytime Companies, took pictures, measurements and they were actually here about 90 minutes assessing the job and multiple times in talking to them I was told my only extra cost for installation is the $200.00 for venting. Fast forward to today 7/22/2014, installation day and the technician arrives totally unprepared, no idea about the gas line and actually wanted more for the venting. This is a typical Florida Ripoff contractor, that quotes a price, acts like they are reputable, then tries to back door you with extra charges on the day of the job thinking that since they are here you will just pay the extra money. I even spoke with George, the owner of the company and he said he would not honor the pricing that was given to me as he doesn’t work for free. (They are getting over $900 from Florida Public Utilities for the installation) Please, if you ever need any plumbing or gas line work done in South Florida, learn from my mistake and don’t even think of using Anytime Companies. They really are a ripoff.

6555 Garden Rd Ste 18 West Palm Beach, Florida USA



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