Apex Painting & Construction Review


Sean Park picked up workers from Home Depot and brought them to our home and said that they were his standard workers. I did not find out until day 3 that they were undocumented and unlicensed and had no background checks ran on them. The damage in the house: No bathroom walls were sanded nor primed, paint is peeling (within 3 days began to peal), painted around furniture and door knobs, pictures on the walls, cabinets, toilet paper holders, shower curtain rods all painted around instead of removed first. In the upstairs hallway only half a wall was painted and there are hand prints that remain in paint, on the wall. Did not sand nor prime the laundry room door, paint is peeling. Painted around the washer and drier. Brought old primer from his garage when I requested that railing in stair well be primed first. Did not seal the railing with a gloss. Installed downstairs bathroom door upside down. Did not sand any of the doors, the edges are extremely sharp. Painted the front door without primer, left paint on windows, and paint drippings down the wall from improper painting methods. Did not put back any of the light socket facings, handle knobs. Left all paint buckets and food trash and tape along with plastic. Paint dripped all over the kitchen floor, carpet, front door tile, furniture, and bathroom vinyl floor. When asked him to remove it, he said no. He yells and screams and has the poorest form of ethics that I have ever come across. It was an absolute nightmare to have this in our home. After I told him I would not pay him until he finished, while I was cleaning up his mess, he went down stairs and told my handicap mother that he had to go and it was okay and she needed to write the check out to him for cash. Then he immediately left the house. I went down stairs and I said I was not going to pay him, and she notified me that he said it was okay to pay him and he had left. He never stained the kitchen cabinets with a varnish finish. He returned 5/17/13 & caused a scene; we almost called the police.

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