APEX Window Films Toronto Ontario Review


Last evening my wife and I saw the Investigative TV news report on your company APEX WINDOW FILMS. The CBC THE NATIONAL aired the investgation nation wide exposing you. www.cbc.ca/thenational/watch/You have no shame Sir, and you should be embarrassed. Years ago you window tinted our house and its the worst experience we have ever had. As a contractor you where rude with our kids, and made a mess.Seeing you EXPOSED on TV last evening brought back memories of just how terrible of a person you are. I applaud the Ripoff Scams web service and the CBC TV investigation for exposing you.You are a fraud and you know it. You are a master manipulator and a sick man. My wife had a real window tinter from 3M come in and remove the films you put up and we now enjoy the quality and comfort of 3M.

850 Tapscott Road, Unit 32 Toronto Internet, Ontario Canada


www.APEXwindowfilm.com, wwwAPEXwindowfilm.ca

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