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Complaint: I have always been interested in learning to trade Forex. I had some extra time last year since I took a leave of absence from work to look after my sick father. Apiary Fund offers to teach you to trade, and if you learn well they say they would even fund you to trade with their money. I was skeptical, but I really wanted to learn. They charged me $700 for their training program, which was a series of videos, and one live session a week in an online chatroom with 30 other traders. It felt like a recording. I asked questions twice, and did not get a response. At first it seemed really good. But as I progressed through their trainings, many things seemed unclear. I began watching free videos on the topics on Youtube. The FREE vids on Youtube were more informative. After three months, Apiary fund tries to upsell you, or start charging you $99 a month, just to putz around on their simulator…ALL WITH NO REAL KNOWLEDGE BECAUSE THEIR TRAINING VIDS ARE HORRIBLE! I complained about the quality of the training vids twice to them, and they said it would get better, but it did not. I stopped because I was not about to pay $99 a month to play in a simulator, not after I spent $700. All in all, I was in their program for four months. I never got to the point of ‘getting funded’, so I can’t put them to the test on that, but I have read many reviews and there are many others who were burned by Apiary Fund. My advice, STAY AWAY! These guys are bad, and will only take your money.

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Address: 383 W. Lakeview Rd. Lindon, Utah United States

Website: apiaryfund.com/

Phone: 1-801-701-1650

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