Apollo Van Lines Complaint


Beware of Apollo Van Lines, Mike Kehoe and Edna Seltzer. I can”t believe how rude and unprofessional this company is to it”s callers. First they Lied to me about the names of thier employee”s, and hung up on me repeatedly. The male secretary who answers the phone claimed to be a “ex police officer” and a “police detective”, and was very rude and unprefessional. When I asked to speak with the owner of the company and asked the owner”s name, he said the owner of the company was named “owner”, and hung up . It seemed like he was delighted in being rude to me, and like he was really enjoying himself in his little power display of hanging up on me. Edna Seltzer also hung up on me and was very rude and unprofessional. I can”t believe a company would play games like this to a caller, beware of Apollo Van Lines and Mike Kehoe and Edna Seltzer, if those are they”re real names. Why would a legitimate company lie about thier employee”s names, unless they had something very illegitimate to hide. I wish I read that [redacted] before calling this company Apollomovers.com [protected]-MOVE, 1888-303-MOVE, [protected] Apollo Van Lines 71-20 80th Street Glendale New York 11385 Beware of Apollo Van Lines Mike Kehoe and Edna Seltzer . very rude and unprofessional game players and Liars. I can”t believe this company is still in business with this type of customer service and unprofessial rudeness.

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