Apollotek International Review


Purchased system 2 years ago called more than 6 months ago no answer needed new filters. Also sent email finally got response I ordered filters they too my $300 dollar plus payment 3 weeks later no filters I left it at maybe back order. Once I called I was told pooh mess up we charged but forgot to send filters. I then received only when I clearly asked to purchase what was needed. I’ve been waiting on a response have called multiple times was offered the other 2 filters but asked to pay another $50 for shipping why have to pay for someone else mistake. I have a $5000 dollars system in my kitchen that does not work for which I have to make my payments to not ruin my credit I told apollotek this they dont care. It’s been over 6 months no answer. I asked to get my $30plus back to just pay towards the system but no answer they are keeping my money. I wish they were great at they’re customer service just like when they are trying to sell. I was also told that those who come to sell at people’s doors are just sales people and apollotek is not responsible for the sales people not properly informing buyers of all sales prices including parts needed. I’m still waiting on a response

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