Appalachian Tactical Somewhere in IA Iowa Review


I made on online order back at the end of March of 2010 from this so called Army Surplus Store. They provided be an order number via e-mail based on my purchase. After a week of monitoring my checking account, I responded to the order number e-mail asking for an update on my purchase as I was concerned my card had not been debited yet. I did not get a response via a couple of e-mails so I went back to their site and called their number listed in this report. No one of course answered, or responded to 3 messages regarding my concern or inquiry. At that point I requested in writing/via e-mail that they do not debit my account and I wanted to cancel my order. Both via answering machine and e-mail since no one would answer or responde to my attempts to reach someone. 3 days later they debited my account. I again left a message requesting a tracking number by phone, and e-mail. Again, the cowards would not return my requests or calls. At the end of April, I advised I was filing an Attorney General Complaint if they did not contact me, or return my call to resolve this matter either by sending my product, or refunding my money. The next day I received an e-mail stating that my packed was shipped, but again they did not provide a tracking number. I called 2 more times leaving messages regarding this based on past experience. I was less than friendly at this point due to their blatent lack of customer focus. No response. So I actually called their local Sheriff’s department this week to advise of teh situation and see if they could assist since I am located in Iowa. The Sheriff was very friendly and advised he would make a phone call, and review the address listed to the phone number. He advised that if I do not hear anything back from this so called business, to call back and speak with a detective to file a formal investigation. As of today, I have still not heard from this company, and I will be reaching their detective 1st thing on Monday. This company has zero accountability, zero customer service, and have the nerve to run a US Military Surplus store, that is anything but Patriotic!! Crooks, do not buy anything from them, learn from my lesson 1st hand and shop elsewhere! It may have only been $45 they stole from me, but this is all about the principle at this point to let the rest of the online world know what crooks they are. And if it takes 1-2 customers away, or prevents the same thing happening from someone else, this report was worth it!

164 Liberty Grove Church Rd Fleetwood, North Carolina United States of America


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