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Appleway Toyota Approved or car, then a few days later, not approved. Need to return car Spokane Valley, Washington!!. My daughter, who has a good credit rating went in to purchase a car own her own after starting two jobs. After filling out the credit application, she was excited to hear that she was approved; after all, it was her first new car and she felt she accomplished something on her own. Within several days, she received a phone call that the credit company was having a problem getting her approved, and a week later, it looks like she will have to bring the car back. After talking with neighbors and friends, this appears to be a common practice. When you hear approved, it doesn’t actually mean approved – BEWARE. They will tell you anything, get your hopes up, and within a few days tell you the real verdict, in hopes that you will scramble and do everything possible to secure necessary funding (thousands of dollars more) or a co-signer with absolute perfect credit. I can’t tell you how crushed my daughter is and how disappointed we both are that they pulled this stunt. We are seeking legal counsel to pursue all legal action. If you’re going to buy a car, don’t walk away unless you are 100% confident of financing, and there’s no more contingencies. Even then, exercise caution.

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