Appliance Connection Cary North Carolina Review


Here are my experiences with the deceitful practices at Appliances Connection, especially with their Customer Services representative. On October 6 2014, I placed an order assuming with a very reputable company for a set of new appliances, a refrigerator, double oven gas range, microwave and a dishwasher with an expected delivery date of Oct 17. On October 28 evening at 8:00 PM, 11 days late, I received the shipment, a scratched damaged refrigerator, a scratched damaged range, and the other two items were in acceptable condition. I was not very concerned because, as a business engineering professional, I realized that things like that could happen and a reputable company will correct such situation. While AM Trucking Company’s representatives, (a shipping company that was selected by AC), were un-crating the appliances, we noticed the damages on two of the appliances. AM’s representative called AC and reported the damages, and then he handed me the phone to speak with the representative. During our conversation, AC’s representative informed me that he will start a ticket and will email me the instruction on how to resolve the problem. The next day morning, after I received ACu2019s email, I filed damage report on their website as instructed and attached the necessary pictures for most of the noticeable damages. Then right after filing the report, I called ACu2019s representative and described the damages in details on the fridge and on the range. After a lengthy discussion and negotiation on how to resolve this issue, and order to save me time and the hassles and the possibility of receiving more damaged products, and to avoid ACu2019s paying additional cost for shipping new fridge and new range and picking the damaged appliances, I agreed to settle the issue providing the following terms are met. 1-AC will ship a replacement for the damaged part on top of the range, and I will replace it myself. 2-AC will issue 15% credit against the damaged appliances, the fridge and the range. 3-AC will extend the warranties on the damaged appliances to 10 Years. 4-I will accept the refrigerator as is, and the range as is, once I receive the replacement part. ACu2019s representative, Andy agreed to above terms and informed me that he will start the process. (As a matter of fact, after receiving the damage report with the pictures, AC emailed me and requested me to provide the serial number and model of the range. I emailed the information as requested. The next day after receiving AC’s email that confirmed the order of the damaged part and the issuance of credits per our agreement. I started installing the appliances and got rid of all crating materials. Two weeks after the installation of the appliances, I called AC to inquire about the status of the part and the credit they promised to issue. I was informed that the replacement part for the oven has been ordered, and only a credit of 10% will issued on the refrigerator. Their reason for the change of our agreement is that they claim that I did not report the damages on the range. Contrary to their claim, right the next day after I received their shipment, I filled the damages report for both appliances on their website, AC’s ticket system, and I attached pictures for damages. Now for the last month, I have been trying to resolve this issue with AC with no luck. Their solution is for me to accept their offer, or I for me ship back at my cost the appliances in their original packages. Then they will evaluate the damages and will refund the purchase price minus the cost of repairing the damages, minus the restocking fees for appliances. I believe if a customer orders new product, the customer should receive new product, and a reputable company should honor and deliver what they advertise.

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