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Tuesday, November 25th – The Appliance Shoppe, Inc. was scheduled to come out and repair my washing machine between 1pm – 2pm. No show. About 6pm I received a call that they were sorry but they were booked solid and would come out Wednesday, November 25th. Wednesday, November 26th – I received a call around 2pm with apologies given and that someone would be here as soon as the repairman finishes his last job. About 6pm, the repairman shows up and goes right to work. (I have been in the service business for 12 years and could see that he knew his business.) He went right to the problem, but he didn’t have that part – a small hose, about 2-3 feet long. He had to get the part and return. However they are closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving, so he would be back on Friday, November 28th. Friday, November 28th – Repairman called about 1pm and said he couldn’t come earlier as he had to go to the bank and deposit his check. At 2pm he showed up; installed the hose. He also needed to change a part in the agitator but needed a 7/16 socket because his partner borrowed it and had not returned it. “Do you have a 7/16 socket?” “Yes” and I proceeded to get it. The part was removed, new one put in. All in about 35 minutes. Put the lid on, ran a few tests and slid the machine into place. Twenty-five minutes after he left, I heard a hissing sound of water. Called him and told him about it. He said he was on his way to another job and you saw I did everything right. I can’t get back until Saturday, November 29th. Saturday, November 29th – I pulled the machine back again and noticed that the service line (hose from the faucet to the machine) was leaking at the bottom. Rather than to prolong this job, I went into town and bought two hoses and installed them. Cleaned up; pushed the machines back. About 5pm I received a call that he could come out now. I told him the problem was solved already. The point is that no matter how good you are at your job, if you don’t have professionalism in how you approach a job, you will be incompetent and upset those you are servicing. This job took 5 days, and ran late into the evening when it could have been a maximum of 2-1/2 hrs. A truck without parts, an office manager that can’t properly schedule jobs and an employee that runs to the bank on work time all adds up to an incompetent operation. .

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