Appliance Zone Complaint


A few months ago I purchased a computer board from appliance zone. The item was marked as “New” on the website. Upon arrival the item was clearly marked “reconditioned” and the item did not work. I contacted appliance zone. While I was communicating with them about the item marked as “New” they changed it to “reconditioned” on the website and told me that it never was advertised as “New.” Appliance Zone now told me that I would have to pay for shipping and restocking fees. After being lied to, I contacted my credit card company and they agreed that I should withdraw payment. I withdrew payment of $153 from my credit card to appliance zone and now I received a “bill” in the mail for $200.07. The letter is poorly written and ends with… “We understand medical billing is not always simple to understand, but we can help.” Clearly they just copy and pasted something they found on the internet and have no idea what they are doing. STAY AWAY!! This company is complete garbage and I’m reporting them for fraud in IN and ND.

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