Applied Media Technologies Corporation Review


I don’t ususally take the time to file a report such as this but the service I got from this company I felt compelled to warn other potential customers. | I purchased a Music On Hold Player for my company. First their sales tactics were questionable. After saying I’d have to think about the purchase they immedialtely sweetened the deal if I made the purchase right away. | The unit was gave me problems from day one. After spending a couple of hours with their technology department it was determing that I needed to upgrade the unit’s firmware. That was accomplished and I plugged the unit into my telephone system. The volume was so low as to be almost non-existent. I spoke with Bennie, the sale rep, and he suggested I purchase an amplifier which would solve the problem. My old player never had this issue. Following his suggestion I made the purchase and installed. That’s when the real problem started. | Here’s a synopsis of events. After installing the amplified the unit would never stay connected to their online music. I spent several hours with their tech suppport and it was determined the unit was indeed defective. I notified their customer service department, was connected to the “MAN” and was told they’d replace the unit if I mailed in the old one first. The promised a FedEx mailer to do that. I’m still waiting. I followed up with customer service numerous times and was told the mailer was on the way. This happened several times. Tired of their runaround I contested the sale on American Express and mailed the old unit back. Today I get it back with a refused message on the box. Bottom line, their sales tactics stink their unit stinks, their customer service stinks and their return policy stinks. | Don’t do business with this company.


Name: Applied Media Technologies Corporation

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Clearwater

Address: 4091 AMTC Center Drive

Phone: (727) 531-3105


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