April Dawn Barks – Brownstown, Michigan Michigan


This womans name is April Barks. She is from Brownstown, Michigan. She knew from the beginning the man was married. She was was in relationship when she started going after the married man, she saw how much money the man had and went after him. She is disgusting she didnít even care that this man had kids. April has no respect for no one let alone herself. She knew about everything and still kept being the sidechick. This woman has no home training. She also got pregnant the same time the wife did. If you know a man is married and has kids and you continue to keep going after the married man you are a low life Home Wrecker. There is not one thing this woman can say to justify breaking up someoneís marriage and hurting their kids. I felt the world should know what a disgusting woman she is. APRIL BARKS IS A HOMEWRECKER.

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