April Hicks – Wilkesboro, North Carolina North Carolina


April Hicks is a known little GIRL around the town who works at the dispensary of Wilkesboro, NC and was messaging MY HUSBAND asking for sexual favors in exchange for money. Says she’s in a bad situation and needs money. I don’t care how desperate you are… no REAL WOMAN is going to mess with a married man. Just wanted to make sure the whole world knows this girl is a Home Wrecker and I’ll make sure that she sees this along with the picture I’m going to send her of how this site is perfectly legal. Look her up on Facebook and the picture I’ve added of her is her profile picture. Watch out ladies she’ll try getting with your man too. I’m not worried considering she is definitely a downgrade and known for sleeping around and I am a WOMAN, I have decency and respect unlike her!!!!

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