April Leiser – Lindenhurst, New York New York


April Leiser is a married woman that likes to have sex with her husbands friends and or neighbors or any one else that pays attention to this pig. She befriends her targets wives and kids. Plays the dotting mother to her son but is on the hunt for anyone to have sex with besides her husband. Stay away from her and do not let her in your house. She plays sick and says she can’t work to get sympathy and pills from her doctors. While her husband is hard at work she is busy texting and grooming her next target. She has a hot tub in her backyard and one night she and her husband and his friend are in the hot tub. While her husband starts falling asleep in the hot tub she goes into action and starts jerking off his friend. That’s the type of brazen sl*t she is. When the wife found out and put an end to it she kept pursuing the friend. I will not make the same mistake keep your husband away from this pill popping sl*t.

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