April Polo – Searcy, Arkansas Arkansas


This woman has been married 3 times. Nearly ended her third marriage for a fourth, with the man she stole. She has destroyed many marriages, her last being with a man that fathered her child fifteen years ago, unbeknownst to him. She recently told him and inserted herself into his life. She actively seduced him with knowledge of his ten year marriage and four children. The wife found out and this woman assured her she would stay away. Shortly after the wife was diagnosed with cancer and this woman continued to go after the husband even blaming the wife’s cancer as her own fault. Claimed that she could make the husband and his children happier than they’ve ever been with her. The wife had enough after finding numerous messages between this woman and her husband and filed for divorce. Not even a week out of the house the husband moves in with this woman and her children while her husband was away on business. The husband and this woman paraded their relationship, with no regard for his wife or children. Only a month later when she’s ready to welcome her own husband back she kicks her cheating partner out of her house. She took part in ruining a marriage while she repaired her own. A woman like this prides herself in believing she is better than a wife, it is clearly a game for her to make herself feel superior, worthy and important. This degenerate has self esteem issues. She is a whore and this was not her first or last time being a homewrecker. Wives beware she plays dirty. She will smile in your face while stabbing you in the back.

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