April Puett – Roxboro, North Carolina North Carolina


April (Moore) Puett of Roxboro, NC is the worst kind of homewrecker: the kind that was friends with the wife of the man she tried to steal away, but didn’t succeed. She had a thing for the married man for years, but never acted upon it since she was married (to a friend of the married man she slept with). Fast forward a few years, she’s “single” (but tells people she is waiting for baby daddy #2 to get out of prison), she happens upon the husband while his wife was on vacation with her family. She told him she had liked him for years, everything he wanted to hear after she found out that he and his wife were going through a difficult time. Even though she had been cheated on in the past, she had no problem sleeping with a married man and hurting another woman the same way she had been hurt. She had his wife thinking they were friends: she told her she could possibly get a job with her at Verizon, she gave the wife a DVD so that her and the husband could have a date night. When the date night didn’t happen, she acted sympathetic for the wife, all the while she was sleeping with the husband behind her back. She even talked to her mom about the empty house next door, and the married couple had plans to move in beside her. This woman sat the wife on her couch, played like she was her FRIEND, all while doing this. When the husband was running late to his parents house for a Father’s Day cookout, the wife contacted her, asking if she had seen him next door getting the new house ready to move in. April told the wife No, she hadn’t seen him. The wife poured her heart out to her, told her that her husband was her world and was worried something had happened to him. Again, she was sympathetic. Later the wife found out, he WAS at her house, and he even went back to her house later that night. What kind of cold-hearted woman can do that to a friend? Listen to her say how much she loves her husband, tell her that she could tell they were meant to be together, then sleep with him THE SAME NIGHT? How could someone treat another person that cruelly? Once the short affair was discovered, the man stayed with April for a few weeks, before deciding to come home and work out things with his wife. He had been wanting to, but needed a “push.” That push came, when April showed him a secret album on Facebook that only she could see. In the photo album were pictures she had taken of him for the past several years, pictures she had stolen from his Facebook, pictures she had stolen from his wife’s Facebook (she had cropped the wife out of course). She showed this to him, hoping it would make him stay. Her plan backfired, and showed her for the true psychotic narcissist that she is. She subjected her two children to this affair; when the wife came to her house and discovered them there together, her children were the ones to answer the door, and said “I’m so sorry.” She has a filthy home; there were trash bags everywhere, animal hair all on the furniture, the home is so infested with roaches that the bugs are even in her refrigerator. Her sink was clogged, so instead of having someone fix it, continued adding dishes and filth to it until the pipes were clogged with black sludge. This isn’t hear-say. These are facts. She has two baby daddies in prison, an ex husband she had locked up as well. She needs a flashing sign above her house that says she is toxic and stay away! She tried her best to make the married man stay with her, but in the end, she was unsuccessful in breaking up at marriage.

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