Aprille Hall – Perry, Florida Florida


This girl Aprille Hall has shacked up with the guy I was with and is playing house with him now in Perry, FL. They don’t tell anyone that they’re both still married to other people. I’m sure she’s believing the same lies and promisses that he told me about our future. She is livin off him while he doesn’t take care of his own family and she wants to try to come across as a good girl, but she’d have to try real hard to get anyone to believe that one! He’s using her and stringing her along just like he did me, two others that I now of, and his wife. That’s what he does. This girl was part of the reason he got put out of the military. SFC Brian Booker is now just basic f*ckboi booker. Now he’s down to her level. Just be warned, she don’t mind at all wether your man is married, taken, cheating or not. As long as her and her hoard o” kids are being housed and fed she’ll do anything a man wants! They left town fast after they were found out, claiming they weren’t nothin but friends but yeah, now she’s claimin they getting married haha. He won’t ever marry her, she’s just the most stupid one to currently believe his stories. He’s gonna do to you what he did to all the rest of us, So beware don’t leave your man unattended around her!

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