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ARC Auto Store Jerry Brockhaus Darren Elder Jeremiah Baxter Misled me to believe a car was in great shape only to find $6000 later it was not North Kansas City Missouri!!. ARC Auto store sold me a BMW M6 on 12/23/17 claiming the car was in excellent shape. I received the car with missing parts, damaged parts, burnt out headlight, overdue maintenance amounting to about $4700. After discussions with the owner and numerous discussions with Darren the general manager, I was told, there was ” no money left to help me” with repairs. They did commit to help with the headlight. $ 9.50 for a set of headlights not even close to OEM. When I asked them why they didn’t tell me of the problems, and the fact the car was previously repossessed, they simply blamed it on the independent inspector I hired, which did do an equally lousy job, but does not absolve them from hiding all of these issues known by them. Darren as the GM is steadfast in not contributing any money toward the maintenance overdue which is critical by BMW, nor will he concede to replace the headlight assembly which has condensation in it, only the bulb. The front bumper is painted a completely different color and no one will take responsibility for that either. Put two and two together along with the repo and you have a hit car in my mind. This company goes to auction to find wrecks and does the minimum to sell them and I am just one of the victims. Darren says he has no money to help me as he paid close to my selling price for the vehicle but I know that is a blatant lie. When I have purchased used cars in the past , there have not been broken parts and missing buttons and other parts. It has been simply mileage as normal wear and tear say on seats.This is my first experience buying a used car, then being treated as time allows, speaking to the owner, Jerry Brokhous, only to be scolded by the GM and the salesman for going over their head, having a title sent to me with no prior notice with a repo title attached, and having being sent a vehicle with “nothing wrong” which you “will love”.Let alone being lied to by the service manager who took two weeks to send me the cheapest bulbs on Amazon.My advice to you folks, do not buy a car from these thieves. Take a lesson from me. They practice old sales tactics of deception and lies. I am sure they will try to rebut but please listen to what I have said. They have no basis for their arguments

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