Arcadia Power Review


The Arcadia Power Scam | In the below post, I will clearly explain how Arcadia Power takes advantage of conscientious Americans and convinces them that they are buying clean energy when in fact they are not. | Before we get into the details, let’s start with the following: Everything below can be independently verified by You by picking up the phone and calling the Sierra Club, the country’s pre-eminent environmental organization. Don’t take my word for it, just call them. | The Sierra Club Cancelled Its Relationship With Arcadia Power Long Ago | In 2015, to great fanfare, Arcadia Power announced a partnership with the Sierra Club. When you Google “Arcadia Power Sierra Club” you will find literally hundreds of hits describing this relationship. This relationship does not exist. It was terminated by the Sierra Club, in brutally honest language two years ago: | “In 2016, the Sierra Club Council of Club Leaders (CCL) adopted a resolution to “revise” its contract with Arcadia Power. | Potential injuries from the partnership with Arcadia Power to the Club’s work toward 100% clean energy include: | Members may think that sending money to Arcadia every month means their electricity is clean, which is not the case. | Members will not be able to use that money to invest in much more effective ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint. | Members may reduce their advocacy work for 100% clean energy, thinking their electricity is clean. | “The entire Club is branded as hypocritical when it pushes for 100% clean energy, while it is marketing a product that does not meet the Club’s own policy standards, and especially when there are alternatives that do provide clean energy.” | So How Does This Scam Work | Arcadia Power does not provide you with clean energy. What Arcadia Power does is buy excess, worthless, renewable energy credits (REC) on your behalf. A REC is a piece of paper that is created every time clean energy is generated. In some US States, for example, Texas, the amount of wind energy that has been installed greatly exceeds the mandated state requirement. The excess RECs generated in these states have essentially no value. They sell for 40 cents. When you sign up with Arcadia Power, they state they will provide you with 100% clean energy for “only” one penny more per kilowatt hour. Average US household consumes 10,000 kWh per year, so this 1 penny charge is actually $100 per year. Then they buy RECs on your behalf. Well how much do a 10,000 kWh of RECs cost? $4. That’s right, $4. They charge you $100, to buy RECs for you for $4. Then they pocket $96, and use that money to fund their aggressive misinformation campaigns on the web. | The reason why this is so damaging is exactly what the Sierra Club wrote: “Members may think that sending money to Arcadia every months means their electricity is clean, which is not the case.” And “Members may reduce their advocacy work for 100% clean energy, thinking their electricity is clean.” | What Can You Do | There are three things you can do that actually make an immediate difference in your energy: (1) if you can, install solar panels on your roof. A new solar installation is Additional clean energy, and this energy Replaces fossil fuels, lowering emissions. (2) Participate in a local Community Solar project. These projects are also Additional, and prevent emissions; and (3) Support state and local efforts and organizations who advocate for more clean energy. These three things make an impact. Buying RECs from Arcadia does NOTHING.


Name: Arcadia Power

Country: United States

State: District Of Columbia

City: Washington

Address: 1121 14th St NW

Phone: 1 866-526-0083


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